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Emergency Management Solutions provides extensive training services with courses tailored to meet specific client needs and regulations

After decades of service across an extensive array of different professions, the Emergency Management Solutions team members devoted their efforts to preparing the next generation of Emergency Managers and First Responders, some even going as far as authoring books and articles on hazardous material response, emergency medical response, terrorism, maritime security, and more. It was through these training relationships that Emergency Management Solutions was conceived.  Training continues to be the cornerstone of our mission.

  • Project Management
    Need to plan an event or a conference? Follow through on some improvement plans? Manage a long-term mitigation or recovery effort? Address emerging regulatory requirements? EM Solutions has the seasoned professionals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help you attain your goals and objectives.
  • Contingency Planning Support, Emergency Response Plans, and Standard Operating Procedures"
    EM Solutions can help you develop plans, procedures, and guidelines to enhance organizational preparedness and resiliency or help you update your current plan to better meet emerging needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Continuity of Operations Plans / Business Continuity Plans
    Whether you are a public sector agency or a private sector commercial interest, all entities need to develop and validate plans and procedures to remain operational when emerging events cause business or service interruptions. EM Solutions’ team of seasoned Continuity Practitioners can help you develop the user-friendly plans you need to enable organizational success.
  • After Action Reports and Improvement Plans
    EM Solutions can facilitate hotwashes and produce a comprehensive After-Action Report and Improvement Plan for your organization following any real-world incident or event.
  • Incident Management Assistance Team Support
    EM Solutions can provide you with the incident management support where you need it and when you need it. Whether this is to build your capacity at an actual incident or an exercise, our veteran response managers have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to make order out of chaos. We can deploy as individuals, a small “away team,” or a more robust deployable element to best meet your current and emerging incident management needs.
  • Risk Assessment / Management and Gap Analysis
    Our highly experienced team can assess your plans, training, resources, capabilities, and facilities to help discern where your gaps are and to formulate a realistic and affordable path forward to build organizational capacity and resilience.
  • Operational Readiness Reviews
    EM Solutions can assess your personnel, plans, resources, and facilities to see if they are operating effectively within the bounds of acceptable risk. We will provide you with a comprehensive report that highlights methodologies to build capacity and enhance organizational resilience.
  • Operations Security
    Operations Security (OPSEC) is the process by which we protect critical information, whether it is classified or unclassified, that can be used against us. It focuses on preventing competitors and adversaries access to information and actions that may compromise an operation. EM Solutions has the personnel with the skill sets and experience to help craft an effective Operations Security Program fro your organization.
  • Environmental Impact Studies and Assessments
    An Environmental Inpacrt Study (EIS) assesses the potential impact of actions that significantly impact the quality of the human environment. Today's emphasis on environmental stewardship and climate change policies furtyher highlights the need for all of us to safeguard the environment. EM Solutions and our partners have diverse skill sets and experiences that can be used to assist you in developing a comprhensive Environmental Impact Study that meets the needs of regulatory agencies.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
    EM Solutions recognizes the need for peer support following dynamic incidents and events. Our team has personnel who have helped develop policies and procedures to help
  • Grant Writing
    Grants are a means of public and private sector entities to obtain additional resources to address a recognized need. Our EM Solutions personnel have written grants and reviewed grants and have the administrative know-how to help you obtain the additional financial support you need.
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