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Kirby Spill Management Team Exercise

Type-3 Simulated HazMat Incident)— Exercise Manager / Exercise Controllers/Evaluators/Coaches Facilitated a Spill Management Team Exercise, dubbed “Ammonia 2018,” for Kirby Inland Marine headquarters in Channelview, Texas on 13 October 2018.

The exercise was held at a venue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and simulated an

incident that occurred along the Mississippi River near West Memphis, Arkansas.The exercise was performed at the direction of Kirby Inland Marine and was conducted in accordance with current NPREP and HSEEP standards. There were a total of 66 participants. The exercise was planned and facilitated by a FEMA-certified Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP). The exercise simulated a collision between a tug and pressure barge load with ammonia and a tug and tank barge loaded with #6 fuel oil. Following the collision, the pressure barge allided with a loading dock on the right descending bank and damaged it’s scrubbing unit. The tank barge loaded with diesel began discharging product at the rate of 10-25 gallons per minute from the #1 port void and cargo tank. The pressure barge began to vent ammonia from the damaged scrubber unit. The focus of the exercise was the Incident Brief, Initial Unified Command Meeting, Unified Command Objectives Meeting, and the Command and General Staff Meeting as described in the US Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook (COMDTPUB P3120.17B). Pre-exercise training conducted by exercise staff included review of chemical hazards associated with ammonia, plume modeling, and crisis communications.


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