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Emergency Intake Site/Operation Artemis

(Type-1 Mass Migration Incident) - Planning Section

(Left) Joe Leonard, Tommy Cameron, and John Leonard discuss safety and security issues during construction of the Pomona Emergency Intake Site in April 2021. (Right) Rick Stilp, Tommy Cameron, and Greg Socks developed major portions of the site’s Emergency Response Plan and supporting procedures during the first two weeks on-scene.


Pomona Emergency Intake Site:

Emergency Management Solutions supported the development of a comprehensive Plan of Action and Milestones to design an Emergency Intake Site to effectively house and care for Unaccompanied Children crossing the southern border of the United States. This included mobilizing personnel, equipment, resources, and capabilities needed to manage this effort on behalf of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Managed facility and provide services as needed for residents. including inprocessing, lodging services, food service, sanitation and hygiene, safety and security, medical support, and transportation. On order from the Department of Health and Human Resources, mobilized resources to facilitate the disestablishment of the Emergency Intake Site and demobilized resources upon completion of removal activities.


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