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Tommy Cameron

Senior Consultant

Tommy Cameron 
Senior Consultant, Emergency Management Solutions (Texas Division)
Tommy Cameron has over 35 years Management and Consulting experience in Refinery Operations, HAZMAT, Emergency Response and Safety, including leadership as a HAZMAT / Fire Department Safety Chief. Tommy's Operations extensive experience includes fluidized bed, fixed bed, hydro-processing and environmental unit operations.
Leadership capabilities were exhibited training and managing First Line Supervisors, as well as mentoring/coaching Plant Operators. His training and coaching responsibilities spanned all facets of refinery operations and safety (e.g. reliability centered operations, flawless operations and federally mandated safety & operations training).
During his active role as a Chief Safety Officer and HAZMAT Section Safety Chief in industrial and municipal settings, he had direct responsibility for the development, training and implementation of the field safety program with established Standard Operating Procedures.
He currently maintains Firefighter II, Industrial Emergency Response Specialist, Fire Service Instructor and other certifications.
His activities as a Senior Consultant have been focused in operations excellence, to include coaching, training, and mentoring field operators, maintenance craft personnel and management in developing a reliability mindset, revision and documentation of standard Operating Procedures for both normal and emergency operations, turnaround process and procedure development, and Planning Process and Operating Manual development.

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