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Michael Bradley

Senior Consultant

Michael Bradley 
Director-Technology Group/Drone Operations Group, Emergency Management Solutions
Michael R. Bradley is a graduate of Florida State University’s prestigious Bachelor of Fine Arts Musical Theatre program. After previously attending Georgia Military College, as a Cadet in their Army ROTC program, following years of training with the Civil Air Patrol Silver City Squadron in Meriden, Connecticut, he decided his talents would be better served in the entertainment industry.
Before graduation however, Michael committed himself to the understanding and implementation of two of the most rapidly growing technologies of the decade, Drones and 360 Virtual Reality. Furthering his range of talents beyond singing, playing guitar, and performing on stage and national television, he is now an entrepreneur and owner of Instinctive Productions, in Orlando, Florida.
As an FAA-licensed drone pilot, Michael has flown missions both internationally and nationwide, creating marketing material for tourism agencies, real estate, and small businesses, as well as gathering intelligence for first responders following multiple natural disasters, most notably, Hurricane Michael.
Michael now serves as the Director of the Technology Group and the Drone Operations Group. While recently deployed, he conducted both aerial and immersive virtual reality ground surveillance during the construction of the Non-Congregate Medical Shelter, in Houston, Texas, in response to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. He also served as the Communications/IT Unit Leader, providing connectivity and data management solutions for the entire operation, while working directly with NRG Park personnel, local police, and security personnel.
He continues to integrate new technologies into both Instinctive Productions and Emergency Management Solutions, and can still be seen on a variety of stages nationwide, as well as the History Channel's first episode of "The Food that Built America," as Howard Heinz, the son of the infamous Henry Heinz, the inventor of Ketchup.

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