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Stephen G. Kastensmidt

Senior Consultant

Stephen G. Kastensmidt, CEM, CPEA 
Senior Consultant, Emergency Management Solutions (Texas Division)
Stephen Kastensmidt possesses comprehensive experience with all-threats/all-hazards planning, preparedness, response, and recovery; emergency management, crisis management, safety management, security, and risk throughout the public and private sectors.
Stephen has helped plan and execute hundreds of regulatory training classes. Stephen is an upper level ICS instructor and has developed exercises for NPREP compliance with USCG, EPA, OSHA, and DOT regulations. Stephen helped to design and execute the five-year MEXUS (Mexico and United States) international pollution control exercise with Anadarko, the US Coast Guard, and the Mexican Navy.
He has 40+ years of response experiences. A few of merit: 2020 – three international expat evacuations; Enbridge Kalamazoo Michigan Planning Section Chief, DEEPWATER HORIZON Director of Offshore Operations, Deputy Area Commander for the Hurricane Katrina Mega-Shelter Operations, several major sporting events, over a dozen well blowouts, epidemics both foreign and domestic, numerous natural disasters, and several ESF#10 responses.
Stephen authored multiple major strategic plans for Business Continuity and resilience at for both the public and private sector.
A former safety engineer and CSP, Stephen is sought to provide expertise internationally with safety audit, risk, and program help especially with the oil and gas sector, energy sector, and food sector.
While serving as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Harris County, Texas, Stephen managed the day-to-day operations of the Office of Emergency Management, the Harris County Emergency Operations Center and the Flood ALERT system. He initiated new procedures and helped revitalize the Emergency Operations Center while helping to develop a strategic plan for the Flood ALERT system. He implemented NIMS compliance for the county; began a major overhaul of the Harris County Basic Plan and Annexes; began a major revision of the county’s community outreach programs; collaborated with the Multi-Agency Coordination Group (MAC-G) and developed the regional Hurricane Evacuation by Zip Zone Plan.
Current active affiliations include the USCG Auxiliary, serving in leadership roles as well as staff roles in Emergency Management and IMAT; Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditors; American Society of Safety Professionals (35 years), regular presenter at Hot Zone Hazardous Materials Conference.
He is designated as a Certified Emergency Manager through the International Association of Emergency Managers and a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor in Health and Safety through the Institute of Internal Auditors.

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