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Greg Hoffnung


Consultant, Emergency Management Solutions (Texas Division)
Greg Hoffnung is a highly experienced Emergency Management and Safety professional with 30 years of experience working as an Incident Command Specialist, Safety Professional, FEMA Public Assistance, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, FEMA Exercises, Continuity of Operations, Hazardous Materials Emergency Responder/Investigator-Auditor and Aviation Captain with over 13,000 safe flying hours around the globe.

With a Master’s Degree in Program/Project Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Contract Management and Law, Certificated Health, Safety, Environmental Professional (HSE-NASP), Certificated Professional Continuity Professional; He has worked with many government organizations (FEMA, DOT, OSHA, Homeland Security/TSA, FAA, City and State Governments) coordinating compliance through training, certification and documentation.

As an active member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and recognized as an Operational Auxiliarist (highest level of achievement), Greg is qualified in: Incident Management (Deputy Planning Section Chief, RESL, LOFR), District Team Coordination Training (TCT) Instructor, Coxswain, Helo Ops, Vessel Examiner and ATON Verifier. He has held office as an assistant to the District Incident Management Team, Division Operations and as the District Rescue and Survival Systems Officer. During Hurricane Michael, Greg supported the District Eight Coast Guard Incident Management team as the Auxiliary Team Leader. He has held various positions in the Incident Command Staff for various Coast Guard and Civilian exercises. During Harvey, he was tasked to establish and supervise a ten-person phone bank receiving incoming calls from the public and triaging them for response and after the storm passed, he spent the next four days on the water surveying the Houston-Galveston Shipping Channel and connecting waterways for ATON damage and navigation capabilities. Previous experience includes Instructing in Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods handling, shipping and spill response with qualifications as a HazMat First Responder. Greg Hoffnung is a Consultant with EM Solutions, LLC.

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