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Debra Zezima

Senior Consultant

Debra Zezima
 Senior Consultant, Emergency Management Solutions (Texas Division / División Español)
Debra Zezima retired from the Federal Maritime Commission after 32 years of federal government service. She previously served as a senior/executive level manager with US Customs and Border Protection. She is an experienced Incident Commander/Planning Section Chief/Operations Section Chief who has served in a wide array of responses.
As a founding member of the Houston-Galveston Area Maritime Security Committee and liaison to the U.S. Coast Guard Captain on the Port, Debra was an active member of a team responsible for the development of policies, protocols, and procedures to activate a response to a maritime homeland security incident. To facilitate interagency interoperability, Debra became one of the leading instructors and practitioners of the National Incident Management System and an authority on the National Response Framework. She also served a subject matter expert on planning for law enforcement, public relations/information, and operational response in today’s all-threat/all-hazard environment. She is a Certified Federal and State of Texas Mediator and worked as a mediator for the Federal Executive Board in Houston.
She has served in key incident management roles on hazardous materials responses, oil spills, mass rescue operations, maritime homeland security events, National Special Security Events, terrorism response planning, and exercises. Debra has been designated a Type 2-Operations Section Chief and Type 2-Planning Section Chief.

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